Static IP EnVR Configuration

If the LCD screen on your EnVR states the message “200 – No IP or Conflict” or “220 Can’t ping VPN server?”, please follow the steps below to resolve your issue.


  1. Locate your Envysion Video Recorder (EnVR).  It is usually found in the office or other back-of-house location near the in-store video monitor.
    • Ensure the system is powered on.
  2. Attach a USB keyboard to your EnVR.
    • USB ports are available on the back and front of the system.
      • Not all USB ports on the front of the system are active.  If the keyboard is not working try another USB port.  You might be able to tell the port is active if your keyboard has a ‘Caps Lock’ light.
      • All USB ports on the back of the system are active.
  3. On the keyboard, hit Ctrl + Alt + F2.  The PVM will display a text and a login prompt.

    • If the keyboard is not working, try a different port.
  4. On the login prompt, type ipadmin, then press enter.
  5. For the password prompt, type out the password for your site and press enter. When you are typing out the number, use the number keys on top, not on the right side of the keyboard.
    • NOTE:  The prompt does not update as you are typing the password.  It is still being accepted.
  6. If the login is unsuccessful try the procedure again.  Be sure to check the password for your site, noting uppercase characters and special characters.
  7. You will see the Envysion ENVR Configuration Screen.Select Option 1 Configure A Static IP and hit enter.
    • Enter the IP Address for your system and hit enter.
    • Enter the Subnet Mask for your system and hit enter.
    • Enter the Gateway for your system and hit enter.
    • Confirm the values are correct and type ‘yes’ and hit enter.
    • When prompted type ‘restart’ and hit enter.
    • You can now exit the settings menu by typing ‘8’ and hitting enter.
  8. Your system will begin the recovery process.  You may see the system reboot before any configured cameras appear on your PVM.


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