Smart Site Protection™:

Subscribing Users to Notifications

Notification provides users with near real-time feedback about the activity in the store. 

To subscribe users to alert notification:

  1. In the SSP’s site configuration panel click the edit icon next to the Notification tab – this will open a new popup window with a user list. 
  2. On the list choose users and type of notification you want them to get by checking proper check boxes.
    A) Mobile p
    ush – to receive instant alerts on iOS or Android devices from the Envysion app.
    B) Email – sent once at the beginning of each alarm event
    C) Envysion Monitored – message and phone call for Envision Professional Monitoring offering only 
  3. For Professional Monitoring you need to also choose Primary Contact Person by clicking the star next to the check box.
Notice and recommendation:
  • Only users with SSP capability and access to the current site can be subscribed to notifications. 
  • For Envysion Professional Monitoring, One contact can be denoted the Primary Contact for a site, that user will receive the first phone call in the event of a potential threat to person or property detected on premise. Additional users will follow in alphabetical order thereafter.

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