Smart Site Protection™ (Beta):

Subscribing Users to Notifications

Notifications provide users with near real-time feedback about the activity in the store. Notifications can be updated by clicking the pencil icon next to “Notifications” in the right-side navigation bar. 

Only users with Motion Alarm User capability and access to the current site will appear in the list.

There are three potential avenues by which notifications are delivered:

  • Push notifications. Mobile users can subscribe to push notifications to receive their alerts on their iOS or Android device. Push notifications direct users immediately into the Envysion mobile app to review footage in the mobile video player.
  • Email notifications. Email notifications are sent once every 20 minutes while there is activity in the store and include the most recent video clip of motion activity in MP4 video format.
  • SMS and Phone. For customers subscribed to Envysion’s Professional Monitoring service, users can be nominated as Contacts to be texted and/or phoned in the case of a potential threat in the store, as reviewed by the alarm reviewer. To be enabled as an alarm contact, the user must have provided a current phone number in their user profile. Users who have yet to provide a phone number can not be added as a site contact for the purposes of Envysion Professional Monitoring verification. However user admins can edit the user contact and add a phone number from this interface.

Note: One contact can be denoted the Primary Contact for a site, that user will receive the first phone call in the event of a potential threat to person or property detected on premise. Additional users will follow in alphabetical order thereafter.

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