Frequently Restarting Appliances

If you are having issues with the Camera, ENVR, or third-party DVR appliance restarting frequently (more than once a day), there are several steps you can take proactively to resolve this issue.

  1. If your cameras are working locally, but appear offline in your Envysion Video Solution, confirm with your IT department that your store Internet connection is operational. Internet connectivity is required at the store to access the video footage from your Envysion Video Solution.
  2. Confirm that all power and network connections are seated properly in the back of your Envysion ENVR, bridge device, or any connected third-party DVRs. Confirm also that power cables are securely plugged in at the outlet, that network cables are seated in their switches and that all switches have power.
  3. Confirm that the cables connected to the appliances are not loose or damaged.
  4. Confirm that all appliances have lit power indicators and that the LEDs are on steadily and not blinking or flashing (not the Hard Drive light, which is amber in color). 

If you are still having trouble with your Camera, EnVR, or third-party DVR appliance to stay online, you may have a more complex hardware or software issue to resolve and can leverage our Envysion Support staff to assist you. Call 1-877-258-9441 option 1 or use the in-application chat functionality to engage Envysion Support.

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