Smart Site Protection™ (Beta):

Envysion Professional Monitoring

Clients who subscribe to the Envysion Professional Monitoring service can send their intrusion alerts to our alarm monitoring center for review. Our monitoring center is UL certified across the United States and standing by to dispatch police if either a clear and present threat to person or property is detected during your scheduled alerting period, or if such a threat is unclear and they are unable to reach a user within your Envysion domain to cancel dispatch. Having alerts reviewed by our monitoring team ensures both that emergencies are acted upon, while minimizing the disruption to your store and above-store managers for routine activity that is clearly part of regular business. To learn more about Envysion Professional Monitoring service, and how to affordably add alarm monitoring to your Envysion services, contact your sales representative or customer success manager.

Sites that are actively being monitored by Envysion are so noted on the right-hand navigation bar.

Once our monitoring service has identified a clear threat (or non-threat) in the location, notifications are silenced for all users until activity in that location has ceased. This feature prevents a continuous stream of notifications to be sent for on-going business activity conducted by a trusted actor within the store’s four walls.

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