Report Types:

Risk Scored Transactions

Envysion’s Risk Snapshot provides operators with an overview of some of their employees and transactions with transactions of concern. Operators using the Snapshot are directed into a filtered view of Risk Scored Transactions report.

Operators also have the ability to run this report on their own and filter based on some of their own criteria.

Quickly identify transactions with high scores easily by adding the Transaction Risk filter and set it to high (use the Overall Risk Filter to filter employees or locations by their risk).

Or perhaps you are focused on very specific types of transactions, such as voids or refunds, or those transactions where a cash payment was deleted. Using the Transaction Type or Tender Type filters to surface those transactions, and see which ones are identified as more or less of concern for quick review.

Risk Scored Transactions are rated based on numerous data points within individual transactions. Employees and Sites are rated based on their average rating rather than aggregate, so that an employee with a small number of higher rated transactions stays elevated against another employee with several lower rated transactions.

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