Smart Site Protection™:

Smart Site Protection™ FAQs

Q: What cameras can I use for Smart Site Protection™?

A: Any IP camera, HD analog cameras and standard analog cameras can be enabled for SSP. It is important to note that in order to activate cameras, Smart Site Protection™ relies on cameras that can clearly distinguish motion from inactivity in a scene. For this reason, Envysion recommends upgrading older analog cameras, which may struggle to recognize inactivity. Other examples of cameras that may have difficulty leveraging this feature include:

  • Cameras with scanning lines across the view or constant static (aging analog cameras)
  • Cameras with spiderwebs across them that contribute to constant motion recording
  • Cameras subject to constant vibration due to their proximity to HVAC and other systems

Q: Are there restrictions on the views that I can use for Smart Site Protection™?

A: Only interior camera views should be enabled for Smart Site Protection™, to properly leverage the threat verification functionality.

Additionally, camera views that consistently generate high volumes of motion events during tests in their target alarming area are not recommended.  Users can mask out knowingly noisy areas of each image (e.g. ordering kiosks, LCD menu boards, POS terminals, computer monitors), to help reduce the camera activity.

Q: How do I know that my store is adequately covered for security using Smart Site Protection™?

A: Camera coverage for security is the responsibility of each customer. But Envysion recommends that areas of high value and vulnerability be included in your camera layout and the cameras enabled for SSP (i.e. all entrances, registers, safes, offices, and drive-thru windows, where present). **Paint the floor, not the windows**

Q: Can I configure schedules and cameras for more than one site at a time?

A: Yes, you can configure more than one site at a time, by opening multiple Envysion browser tabs concurrently, but you may only enable one camera at a time at each site.

Q: My schedules change seasonally, how do I get them updated for SSP alerting?

Our configuration user interface provides intuitive tools for setting and updates schedules at each site, or saving them as templates that can be applied en masse to different sites within your organization at once. Just make sure to log into Envysion and update your base schedules whenever they change.

Envysion offers one-time configuration services for larger clients for a per-site fee. Clients will need to provide their site list and the desired changes to be made as part of the request for “Smart Site Protection™ Site Configuration”.

Q: Will Smart Site Protection™ deliver alerts if my power or Internet goes down?

A: No. Smart Site Protection™ relies on operation and network connectivity of your Envysion video recording device and your cameras. However, Smart Site Protection™ pushes clips of motion and alerts to our cloud servers almost instantaneously, which ensure that event video can be reviewed even if power is lost immediately thereafter.

Q: For Envysion Professional Monitoring, is a live video stream being sent to the PSAP or does the dispatch agent describe to PSAP what they are seeing?

A: Yes, the PSAP has access to the live video stream. Sometimes the 911 dispatcher will get access to the video, then disconnect with our agent (since they can get all of the alarm context at that point from our dashboard). Other times, the 911 dispatcher will relay how to access the video to the responding officers, then ask our agent to stay on the call to provide updates on what is happening at the location (e.g. which room are you seeing the suspect in now?, have officers arrived?). The responding officers will utilize the video shown on our dashboard and/or the information relayed to them by the 911 dispatcher.

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