Appendix B: Troubleshooting the DVR Solution:

Bridge and DVR Problems

Bridge appears offline in the web application:

  1. Bridge Power
    • Is the LED on the front of the Bridge on? No
      • Check that the power adapter plugged into the wall (power strip turned on)
      • Check that the power connector plugged into the Bridge
      • Push the power button the front of the Bridge
    • Is the LED on the front/top of the Bridge on? Yes
      • Go to step 2 (Bridge Network Connectivity)
    • If the LED did not come back on contact support (see Appendix D)
  2. Bridge Network Connectivity
    • Check the network cable to ensure it is plugged into both the Bridge and the switch
    • Check the link lights to make sure they are on and communicating
    • Hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the power LED turns off, then press the power button to turn the Bridge back on
    • If the Bridge is still offline after these steps refer to the Envysion Traffic and Firewall section on page 4
    • If the Bridge is online, but the cameras are offline, the DVR is offline:
      • Check power on the DVR (power cable attached on both ends and the power switch on the back)
      • Check network cable between the DVR and the switch
      • If the DVR does not come online, it will need to be RMA’d

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