Identifying Your Equipment

Troubleshooting steps will vary based on the type of appliance you have at your site. Use the information below to determine your appliance type and then view the corresponding articles for any issues you are experiencing.

DVR Setups

Your DVR will be one of the following form factors, depending on the nature of your organization’s video solution. It may be located in your Office, your Networking area, an equipment storage area, or even in the sub-ceiling. If it is located in an area you do not have safe access to, please contact Technical Support or your Facilities team for assistance rather than putting yourself in harm’s way. An EnVR is a standalone device, while a Hikvision DVR and a Bridge work together to bring your video to our web application.

Option 1 – Envysion Network Video Recorder (EnVR)

If you have an EnVR you will either have a Tower/Desktop model or a Rack model. Both can be identified by searching for the following items:

  • White ‘Envysion’ sticker
  • Blue light power button
  • Some generations have a small LCD screen on the front.

Option 2 – Hikvision DVR with an Envysion Bridge

The Hikvision DVR looks like a DVD player and can be identified by looking for the brand ‘Hikvision’ on the top left corner of the DVR unit.

A bridge can be identified by looking for a small silver/black square device that looks like a jewelry box and may have the brand ‘Intel’ on the unit.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides power to the DVR and it connected to a wall outlet.

Analog Camera Power Supply

The analog camera power supply unit can be identified by looking for a gray/beige colored box. It will often have the brand ‘Altronix’ printed on the box.

IP Camera Switch/PoE Switch

Switches are look like slim black boxes with multiple ports on the front.




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