Smart Site Protection™ (Beta):

Setting the Store Schedule

The store schedule defines the active period during which intrusion alerts will be triggered when human activity is detected within an SSP-enabled camera view. For best user experience, the schedule should be set according to the time the last employee is expected to have left for the night and the time the first employee is expected to arrive, not according to the store business hours. We recommend allowing a 15-minute buffer on either end of this expectation to minimize unwanted alerts.

When configuring your first store, you will need to “Create a new schedule”, by selecting the pencil icon from the navigation bar on the far right. Each schedule requires a unique name and users can create multiple time periods for alerting each day of the week.

For each store you configure thereafter, you can again create a unique schedule or apply a schedule you’ve used already. If you elect to use a shared schedule between multiple stores, changes made to that schedule will apply to all stores using it.

You can add new armed periods to the weekly schedule by clicking on the day of the week and dragging downward to draw a new alerting time block. If the start and end times of the newly drawn time block are not exactly as you wanted them, you can edit them using the text boxes below or delete the block entirely using the red trash can icon.

Save your changes to commit the new schedule.

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