Offline IP Cameras

Identify the PoE Switch that connects all of the IP cameras, and you will be connected directly to the back of the EnVR via an Ethernet cable. There will be many Ethernet cables plugged into this switch, one for each IP camera.

  • Find the cable related to your affected camera and ensure that it is securely clipped into the switch. Observe the flickering lights on the PoE Switch. Are any of the port lights solid instead of flickering, or is there no light when there appears to be a cable plugged in? If so, unplug the corresponding cable and plug it back in after waiting 2-3 seconds. This reboots the connected IP camera.
  • If there are no lights on the switch and if camera connectivity issues persist, reboot the PoE Switch by unplugging it, waiting 2-3 seconds, and then plugging it back in.

If you are still having trouble bringing your IP cameras online, you may have a more complex hardware or software issue to resolve and can leverage our Envysion Support staff to assist you. Call 1-877-258-9441 option 1 or use the in-application chat functionality to engage Envysion Support.


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