Smart Site Protection™:

Set up maintenance

If you experience issue with you Smart Site Protection™ such as too many events or no events at all when they should be reported please check following: 

  1. Is your DVR online?
  2. Are your cameras working correctly? 
    1. Is it offline or covered?
    2. Is there any continuous motion registered on video?
      If so, clean the camera or change the set motion area.
  3. Review past events.
    1. Were they triggered by a person or detected other movements?
      If that were people, but not intruders, check point number 4.
      If that were other types of movement, then check point number 5. 
  4. Review Site schedule for motion detection.
    1. Do employees’ late departure/early starts were taken into consideration?
    2. Do any regular deliveries/maintenance works were taken into consideration?
  5. Review camera set motion area.
    1. Does it cover any outside areas like windows?
    2. Does it cover any screens or shiny objects?

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