Appendix D: Encoder Quick Start Guide

Required Hardware:

  • Paramont series encoder (PD2B-**** of PD1B-****)
  • Monitor with VGA or HDMI input and cable
  • USB Mouse
  • Ethernet cable

Startup Wizard:

  • After powering on the device with a monitor and keyboard attached, it will show the Device Initialization
  • Select your Time zone and click “Next Step”
  • Modify the administrator password: enter <password provided on work order> in the new password field, confirm and click “Next Step”
  • On the Security Question screen click “Next Step”
  • On the Disk Management screen click “Next Step”
  • On the Wizard screen uncheck “Enable Wizard next time”, and then click “Wizard Setup”
  • On the Network Settings screen enter the following information:
    • Uncheck ‘DHCP’
    • IP Address –
    • Subnet Mask –
    • Gateway –
    • Click “Next Step”
  • On the Add Cameras screen click “Next Step”
  • On the Recording Settings screen click “Next Step”
  • On the QR Code screen click “Next Step”
  • On the Cloud Upgrade screen uncheck “Enable”, then click “OK”
  • From the Main Interface disable “OSD” for all cameras
  • The “OSD” setting can also be found under Image Settings

Envysion Application Settings:

Camera Details:

  • Enable IP Camera
  • Set Resolution to 1920×1080
  • Set Bitrate to 1536 Kbps
  • Set Frame Rate between 5-15
  • Current IP Address –
  • Port – 554
  • Path – /?chID=1&streamType=main&linkType=tcp where chID is the channel number, and streamType is the main, or substream. In the example above this will stream channel 1, main (mainstream)
  • Make – Other
  • Model – PD2B-8NH, PD2B-16NH, PD1B-16, or PD1B-32N based on number of channels (8, 16, or 32)
  • Credentials – admin/Envysion1
  • Communication Protocol – RTSP/RTP Interleave
  • KeepAlive Message – Options
  • Click Save




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