Smart Site Protection™:

Smart Site Protection™ Overview

What is Smart Site Protection™?

Smart Site Protection™ is an augmented video alarm management service that assists quick-service restaurants, convenience stores and other small retailers in quickly identifying and confirming theft or irregular nightly activity. Detect, verify and respond to threats in order to decrease the likelihood of false alarms, missed emergencies and their implications. Have peace of mind knowing that your business is being watched, even when you’re off the clock.

With Smart Site Protection™ you will:

  • Reduce False Alarms
    Envysion’s AI-driven technology eliminates non-human movement and noise to identify true alarmed events. Equip your team with video evidence of a potential threat to minimize false alarms and fees that follow.
  • Improve Emergency Response Times*
    Have confidence knowing that if your business is at risk, help is on the way. Confirmed threats provide law enforcement with video footage, enabling a fast and informed response.
    *Only provided with Professional Monitoring Services
  • Provide Superior Protection
    Don’t let difficult security codes cloud your judgment when deciding whether or not to lock up at night. Customized schedules automatically program Smart Site Protection™ to detect irregular motion.
Smart Site Protection™ offerings:
Self-Monitoring vs. Envysion Professional Monitoring

There are two usage models for Smart Site Protection™:

  • Self-Monitoring
    Whether via email or mobile app notifications, your employees can quickly verify video content of the reported activity and make the decision about whether this is acceptable activity by a known actor, or cause for police dispatch.
  • Envysion Professional Monitoring Service
    With help of a professional alarm monitoring partner review all generated person events to determine the threat level to your business before dispatching police. Envysion’s Monitoring Service will immediately engage emergency services if they detect a true threat. Eliminate the possibility of benign alerts disrupting your employees sleep while protecting the business.
How to enable Smart Site Protection™ for your account?

Smart Site Protection™ is available as a service add-on, or as part of our Silver, Gold, and Platinum software packages. To enable it please contact your CSM/AE.

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