Smart Site Protection™ (Beta):

Alarm Summary screen (Mobile)

To get to the alarm events summary page, the user needs to open the store’s watch video and clinic following icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

The summary page shows a list of all events, which occurred in the chosen store.

There is possibility to filter the list by:

  • alarm occurrence date,
  • camera, which activated a motion alarm in the store. 

Each alarm on the list is marked with color depending on its status:

  • Green – no threat detected,
  • Orange – still unclassified (requires verification),
  • Red – threat detected.

User can click on the particular alarm event to review the recording, as well as proceed with additional actions such us: 

  • change/assign verification status,
  • create screenshot*, 
  • create a clip*. 

 *available only when the alarm event is already classified as no threat or threat. 

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