Audit Services:

Operational Audit Services


Envysion Operational Audits allow restaurateurs to remotely evaluate the quality and consistency of execution across all locations using Envysion Managed Video. With programs designed to target food safety, hygiene, and customer satisfaction, you can obtain multiple daily data points to assess compliance to operational best practices.

Operational Audits are scored against the criteria you select with Pass and Fail rules customized to your individual requirements. The results of your audits are presented in a Dashboard that provides a visual representation of your restaurants’ performance and allows you to drill down into the specific results. Audit results notifications can also be sent via email on a daily or weekly cadence.

See the Operational Audits Dashboard article for more information on interacting with your audit results.


Health and Hygiene Audit Categories


  • Front Counter Cleanliness
  • Front Counter Glove and Mask Usage


  • Glove and Mask Compliance
  • Floor Cleanliness/Safety
  • Counter Cleanliness
  • Cell Phone Usage


  • Glove and Mask Compliance
  • Contactless Payment and Serving
  • Uniform Compliance
  • Cell Phone Usage



  • Customer Greeting (with audio)
  • Order Repeat (with audio)
  • Customer Receipt Given
  • Customer Thank You (with audio)


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