Envysion System Overview:

DVR and Envysion Bridge Solution

With this hardware platform, the supported DVR is one of two appliances installed at each site. It is connected to the network, the cameras, and any of the optional local devices or accessories. Local software installation and configuration are not required and a password should not be set on this device, as it will be managed by the Envysion bridge. While a keyboard and monitor may be required for installation, they do not typically remain connected while the system is in normal use.

Intel NUC Envysion Bridge Front

Figure 2. Intel NUC / Envysion Bridge Front

Intel NUC Envysion Bridge Back

Figure 2. Intel NUC / Envysion Bridge Back

The Envysion Bridge (deployed on Intel NUC hardware) is the second device installed at these sites. This device runs the Envysion-proprietary software and communicates between the DVR and Envysion’s hosted application. Local configuration is not required for the Bridge.

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