Best Practices:

Spot Time Clock Abuse

Requirement: your employees to use your POS system to clock in and out.

Employees can squeeze extra paycheck dollars for hours not worked by abusing time clock policy. If you use your POS system for employees to clock in and out, this can be relatively easy to spot.

What to look for:

  • In an exception report, look for employees working long hours, that do not match the amount of time they are scheduled to work.
  • Use the Journal Tape Report to track non-transactional events on your POS system such as clocking in and out.
  • In the video:
    • Employees who showed up earlier and clocked in and then left again.
    • Employees who left and then showed up later to clock out.
    • Friends clocking in or out on behalf of the employee.


  • If you don’t use your POS for employees to clock in and out, you may be able to set up your system to do enable this. Then you can customize the Journal Tape Report to monitor clocking in and out in the Envysion Application.
  • Create POS reports based on employees clocking in and out.
  • Schedule time to review (daily or weekly).


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