Smart Site Protection™ (Beta):

Enabling Cameras for Intrusion Alerting

With a schedule selected for the location, you can now select cameras to use to generate alarms. Smart Site Protection™ is designed to allow any existing camera to become an analytics-enabled smart camera for intrusion alerting, provided it meets a few basic criteria:

  • The camera must installed inside the store, and capture interior activity.
  • The video stream must be quiet enough during the alarm schedule to detect new motion and trigger new events.
    • Aging analog cameras that exhibit pixel noise, lines across the image or sensor instability, cameras burdened with cobwebs and other moving obstructions, and cameras that vibrate due to their proximity with HVAC and other active systems are not recommended for intrusion alerting

To enable cameras for Intrusion Alerts, select the camera from the list at the bottom of the right-side navigation bar.

Users will be presented with the alerting mask for their selected camera, which depicts in orange all segments of the camera view in which motion will be allowed to generate a possible person-detection event. By default, this mask will cover the entire viewable image. Users must validate their mask before they are permitted to enable the camera to generate alerts. Ideally the mask will, at minimum, cover the floor space of the image while not generating an abundance of false positive motion events.

After making any changes to the alerting mask, press “Revalidate” to confirm that the new mask successfully covers your floor space and also produces no more than the one hundred allowable events. Click “Enable Camera” once your camera view is appropriately masked to commit your changes and enable the current camera for alerting.

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