Getting Started:

Recommended Browsers

We’ve designed Envysion to work with most web browsers. We recommend that you always use the current version of browsers to make sure that the pages within the application display quickly and that you have the best video playback experience. If you use older browsers, you might notice that some functions and features stop working as we make upgrades to Envysion.

Recommended Browsers

Here’s a list of browsers we support and where to get them.

Operating System Recommended Browsers
Windows Google ChromeFirefox, or Microsoft Edge
Mac Apple Safari



  • If you have difficulties using a part of Envysion, make sure you’re using the latest version of one of the recommended browsers.
  • If your computer is running Windows 7, use Google Chrome to access Envysion.
    • Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, Google Chrome is required for the most secure connection for this OS.


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