Incident Management:

Introduction to Envysion Incident Management

Click on the following video below to learn how to use Incident Management.

Incident Management provides you the power to create, review, and track the issues in your business that affect your profitability — even on mobile devices!

  • Review the status of flagged incidents across your entire organization, by location, or by employee in mere minutes.
  • Arrive at firm conclusions and take decisive action with irrefutable video evidence.
  • Monitor resolution trends by employee or location to reveal suspicious behavior patterns.

Incident Management allows you to do more than save video clips. It lets you organize issues with context, including details about the behavior observed, case ownership, and the necessary corrective action to be taken. Because incidents can be created either directly from Envysion Reports or from the Watch Video interface, you can use Incident Management to document cash handling policy violations, workplace behavior and safety issues, backed by video evidence powered by Envysion.


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