Mobile App:

Reports in Mobile

Accessing Report on the Mobile App

1. From the Reports tab in the mobile app’s navigation bar, select a report you would like to review.

  • Use your finger to scroll down to move up and down the list of reports.

2. Within the Report, you can switch the view of the report by selecting:

  • By Location (Default)
  • By Employee
  • By Location/Employee (if applicable)

3. All reports will have the calendar option available where you may choose to view:

  • Yesterday,
  • Last week,
  • Specific date, or
  • Custom Range

4. Clicking into a line item on the report will drill down to a more detailed view.

5. Clicking into an individual receipt will take you to Watch Video.

  • From Watch Video you will be able to perform:



Receipt View:



Viewing your BI Alerts in Mobile

  1. When reviewing a BI Alert report from your mobile device, click on the ‘View’ button on a report to navigate to the report on your mobile device.
    • Note: You must be logged into the Envysion mobile app prior to clicking ‘View’ button.


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