Administrative User Setup:


Groups are a set of users that can be used for easy bulk sharing of clips and reports.

To create or edit a Group:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the Envysion Application.
  2. Click the Create Group button. It will appear in your list of Groups.
  3. Select the Group you wish to edit. The group will expand, showing all the group members.
  4. Click the Manage Members Button. The list of all users in your domain on the Envysion Application will appear. Rather than scrolling this list:
  5. Use the filtering function to identify individuals you would like to add to the group.
  6. Click the funnel icon next to a column name you wish to filter and enter the value (e.g., Last Name) you are using to find an individual user. The filter will reveal all users conforming to the filter you used.
  7. Under the Member column, you can toggle users into and out of the Group by clicking the colored buttons. Green indicates Group members and red indicates users not in the Group.
  8. Click the Save Changes button to save your Group settings.

Note: You can only manage the membership of Groups for which you are the owner or an administrator.

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