Envysion Local:

Watching Video without an Internet Connection

There are two ways to watch video without an Internet connection, from a site:

  • Via a computer residing on the same network as the EnVR
  • With keyboard, mouse, and monitor hooked directly into the EnVR

Access Envysion Local through the EnVR Web Interface

To access Envysion Local functionality from a computer on the same network as the EnVR:

  1. Open your browser (e.g. Google Chrome). Enter https://<mac address of your envr>-local.appliance.envysion.com/local/ into the address bar.
  2. NOTE: The MAC Address is a twelve digit series of letters and numbers separated by dashes. You can find the MAC Address on the label on the back of your EnVR. Alternatively, you can enter the IP address of your EnVR. To find the EnVR’s IP Address, please contact your IT Support department.

Access Envysion Local with a Mouse and Keyboard

You can connect a USB mouse and keyboard directly to your EnVR. (Note, Bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard connections are not currently supported.) When connecting a cabled USB mouse and keyboard, connect these devices to the USB ports on the BACK of the EnVR.

The PVM (Public View Monitor) is displayed on the monitor by default. To access Envysion Local, press Alt+Tab on the keyboard to switch from the PVM to Envysion Local.

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