Discount Report:

By Discount Type / Location

By Discount Type / Location

By Discount Type / Location summarizes discount data by the discount type that was used. This view allows users to compare discount activity by the type of discount side by side, and build reports targeting outlier discounts, such as discounts that are under or over a specified threshold as a percentage of their sales, or per-day usage.

This report starts with a summary of the discount type data, and when drilling down into a specific discount returns a usage summary by location, allowing users to then target which specific locations are potentially causing this discount surface as an outlier. One interesting custom report would be to use the Discount Type filter to specify results based on a single discount, Employee Meal for example, and see what other discounts are being used in conjunction with Employee Meals.

  • Discount: The name of the discount.
  • Location: The name of the location.
  • Employee: The name of the employee.
  • Disc Amt: The total dollar amount discounted against transactions in this set.
  • Disc Amt (%): The percentage of discounted dollars relative to the gross (pre-tax) sales. This percentage will adjust as filters will affect the discounted dollars, but not the gross sales.
  • Disc Trans Qty: The number of discount transactions for the set
  • Disc Trans Qty (%): The percentage of discounted transactions relative to all transactions.
  • Avg Disc Amt: The total discounted dollars divided by the total discounted transactions for this set.
  • Applied Disc (%): The average percent of the discount applied to transactions in the set.
  • Trans Amount: The total amount of net dollars in the set.

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