Risk Snapshot (Beta)

Risk scoring is an essential tool in assessing the potential risk associated with transactions or point of sale events and helping individuals and organizations make informed decisions on addressing risk in their business. Bring Envysion expertise to your fingertips with the Risk Snapshot. By analyzing various points within of transaction data Risk Snapshot highlights potential transactions of concern, along with employees and locations. When time is a precious commodity, Risk Snapshot enhances Envysion’s Intelligence Suite by delivering those analytics in a way that’s easy to navigate, investigate, and take action.

Clicking on any row in the snapshots will take the user directly to the Risk Report, filtered to that specific transaction or transactions for that particular employee or site.

Pro Tip: Want to explore the Risk Report in more detail? Click By Location or By Employee to return to the summary view of the Risk Report and see how all of your sites/employees stack up, or use the filters to surface risk based on other criteria.

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