Advanced Data Analytics

Envysion’s Advanced Data Analytics is a weekly email that gives site operators insight into their site’s performance compared to the overall brand performance. This data is further extrapolated to identify any high-risk transactions at your site and gives you the power to immediately review those risks.

Advanced-Data Analytics identifies high-risk trends and store performance within four types of transactions: 

  • Refunds
  • Voids After Tender
  • Police Discounts
  • Employee Discounts

Understanding Transaction Data Graphs
  • The X-Axis on your graphs display the last 30 days of each transaction type’s activity in your store.
  • The Y-Axis represents the percentage that each type of transaction occurred out of the total number of transactions in your store that day. 
  • The warning thresholds are calculated based upon the stores that have the highest percentage of high-risk transactions over 30 days (the highest 5%), relative to stores with similar sales.

Understanding Your Employee Transactions to Review

  • Included are high-risk transactions from the previous week that our algorithm identifies for review, by employee.
  • Transactions are identified if the restaurant or employee is performing certain transactions at a rate that is beyond the warning threshold, or they occur at a time of day, week, dollar amount, or terminal which is deemed a higher risk based upon an analysis across Envysion’s customer-base.
  • Each link will direct you to a filtered list of that employee’s high-risk transactions in Reports where you can review video of the transaction.
    • Note: You must be logged in before clicking the link. This feature is also supported on mobile devices.
  • If there are zero transactions to review, congratulations! This means your store and your employees were all operating below the warning threshold for the previous week.

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