Report Types:

Journal Tape Report

Using the Journal Tape Report

You can use the Journal Tape report to create custom intelligence by filtering on codes that are not available in the other base reports.

When you run the Journal Tape report:

  1. Click the Customize Button.
  2. Add an Event Type filter. Leave the logical operator set to In.
  3. From the pick list on the right filter column, choose an Event Type you want to create a filter to display.
  4. Click the View button.

Event Types and Descriptions

Paid In – All non-sale related money placed in the till
Paid Out – All money paid out of the till
Safe Drop – Money put into a floor safe during the day
Auto-Pickup – POS recognizes there may be too much cash in the till and is prompting user to make a deposit in the safe
Cancel – A transaction line item or an entire transaction that was reversed/cancelled prior to the tender of a transaction
Final Settlement – The final reconciliation for a cashier (at the end of a shift)
Inventory – Custom category
Return – The customer is returning an item.
Sale – The customer is purchasing an item for consumption.

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