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The Envysion Local application provides you with the capability to view live and recorded video without an external internet connection. Envysion Local runs directly on your EnVR®. To access Envysion Local, you need to be on a computer connected to the same network as your EnVR in your place of business.

Now, you don’t need to remember a separate login and password to access Envysion Local. You can open the Envysion Local application from the Envysion Web Application using a single login.

There are two ways to access Envysion Local. Use the first method when you have internet access in your location and can access your EnVR using the Envysion application.

  1. From a computer on the same network as the EnVR, open the Envysion Application and log in as usual.
    On the Watch Video tab you will see a small wrench icon next to your location name.

  1. Click on the wrench icon to access Envysion Local. The application will pass your Envysion login credentials (same credentials as the web application) to open the Envysion Local web URL in a new browser window. To navigate back to the web app, simply click on the original browser window.

If you do not have internet access in your business location, the second way you can access Envysion Local is by entering the following URL with your EnVR’s MAC address in the URL. The format is:

A MAC address is a sequence of 12 characters in pairs separated by hyphens. You can find the MAC-ADDRESS on a sticker on the back of your EnVR or in the green LCD display on the front of your EnVR.

If you do not have Envysion Local activated on your EnVR, please contact your customer success manager at Envysion or call (toll-free) 877.258.9441 option 2 between 6am and 8pm Mountain Time, 7 days a week.


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