Envysion System Overview:

Envysion Traffic and Firewalls

Most customers will not need to make any custom changes to their firewall or network to allow the Envysion system to connect to our data center. However, if you are on a strictly controlled network that blocks most unknown traffic by default, you may need to adjust firewall settings.

For the EnVR/Bridge to connect to the Envysion application, it will initiate an outbound connection over UDP port 22799 and TCP port 443 to the following IP addresses:

If the EnVR/Bridge is not connecting, please refer to Appendix B. Notes:

  • The EnVR/Bridge does NOT require a public IP address or port forwarding of inbound traffic.
  • If unknown public IP ranges are blocked, you will need to allow traffic to the IP range

If high-numbered UDP ports are blocked, you will need to allow traffic through UDP port 22799.

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IP Addressing