Administrative User Setup:

Replace Camera

Replace camera allows users with the EnVR Administration capability to automatically detect and add a replacement camera to a site while simultaneously removing the old camera. 

If you need to add multiple cameras at once please see the article for Add Camera(s)

Supported Hardware



Replacing a Camera in the Web App

  1. Within Watch Video select the site to which you would like to replace a camera
  2. Select site settings from the bottom left
  3. Select Cameras from the left side menu
  4. Select the option in the top right for Add/Replace
  5. Select the option for replace
  6. Check the radio button for the camera you want to replace and then select Next
  7. The EnVR will begin searching for any available cameras on the network. After the list of discovered cameras loads, check the radio button for the appropriate camera and then select Next.
  8. A confirmation screen will show you the changes about to be made. Review and select Confirm when ready.
  9. Wait for cameras to be added to the system. The loading screen will provide an estimate of when the process should complete.
  10. Once the add is complete you will be automatically redirected to the Cameras page under Site Settings. The replacement camera will retain the naming and any register mapping of the prior camera.


Camera Not Detected

If a camera does not show up in the discovery list first verify the camera is turned on and the cables are properly connected, then refresh the list. From the web select the reload icon to refresh the list, from mobile pull the screen down.

If the camera still does not appear on the list verify the camera has the minimum required firmware version and update if required.

Finally, if the camera is still not shown after the steps above reset the camera back to factory default and try again. 

Error Replacing Camera

If a camera fails to add to the site, you will be directed to a list of any failed cameras. Review the error received and follow any steps outlined.


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